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Default Re: Don't take my tips for granted

As a former cruise ship employee I must say that Renee's comments have made steam rise from my head! No, I did not work as a cabin steward or in any capacity where I would be tipped (entertainment), however I have many friends who would not appreciate cruisers like you. Yes, it is not your fault that the cruise lines pay NOTHING to cabin stewards (on the two lines I worked for) and expect all their wages to come from tips, but don't you have a conscience? How can you let someone clean your room and wipe up your mess and not offer them any kind of money? A lot of these men and women come from poor countries and whatever money they make they will send home to their families. Yes, it is their choice to be working on a ship, but when you hear the stories of what kind of life they would live had they stayed in their country, you would probably understand why they chose their profession. Tipping is being courteous. Tipping is a way of saying "Thank you for serving me. Thank you for letting me live luxuriously for this fabulous week. Thank you for serving me night and day without question." People who work on ships hate it when people like you come aboard. You expect the world but cannot be greatful when it is given to you. I hope you acquire some class before your next trip.
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