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Default Re: Don't take my tips for granted


This is one of my favorite topics. I agree 100 per cent with Renee !

People who work on a cruise ship, do so of their own free will! PERIOD, end of story. A tip, a bonus, an incentive to your current salary is an extra. Do not demand that i tip just to satisfy your salary. All a service person wants is a tip, whether they give good service or not. Never once, and i mean NEVER, has a service person come back to me and said, well im sorry Harry i gave you substandard service, here is your tip back or i don't believe i have earned that ush here take some back...NO Never happened and never will. I don't remember how many times i have asked for salt or ketchup or something simple, never to recieve it. Who's fault is that ? o i have to remind someone 1000 times for something ? If i forget something in my job i get reamed out by my supervisor, if i do it a few more times i get written up and told i could get fired.
I brought this situation up on another board...... I have had several birthday parties for my wife at a bar/eatery. I have gone up to the server or servers and tip them well from the beginning stating it's my wives' birthday , please make sure she has drinks or whatever. Also when i get my bill at the end of the eveening i will tip also. I go out of my way to be nice and explain atthe start. GUESS WHAT ? Not once have we recieved excellent or superior service, I feel bad because i have prepaid for service that i never got. It makes me mad. I do not go back to the server , nor do i complain to the manager. i will just take my business elsewhere and make sure i tell everyone i know how bad it was. I guess the server thinks they will not get anymore money. I can't understand that, the server would have made a lot.
I also agree with Renee that people make you feel bad if you do not tip, Just like Bridgettes post did. Get some class and don't go on her ship ? Also Bridgette, i have never had anyone wait on me 24/7 on a cruise ship. On the last night of the cruise i saw the cabin steward, so i tipped him before we went to dinner. GUESS WHAT..our room was not cleaned that night and we had 0 clean towels. So whos fault is that ? HIS He got his money and ran without providing the service. Thank goodness i stored a few towels away for this.
Thank you all for letting me rant.
And by the way Bridgette i won't go on your cruise ship !
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