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Default Re: Tips for Children?

Good afternoon! We will be taking out son on his first cruise in April and we will tip the full amount for the waiters and the cabin steward.

Although an admirable trait, I don't think you should tip less because you clean up after yourself. However, I do think you should tip more if you are overly messy or make more than average demands.

For instance, if a child makes a big mess at the dinner table, I think an extra tip is warrented. If the child is a perfect angel and neat as a pin, then the normal tip is still appropriate. If your cabin steward has to empty trash cans that have dirty diapers---bigger tip.

And so on and so forth.

However, I was dismayed to find out that everybody dumps their tips into a tip pool and they are distributed equally among the cabin stewards, etc. To make up for this, I plan on giving my cabin steward a little something extra--(if he deserves it) on the side and put the minimum recommended tip in the envelope.
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