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Default Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship

I'm not sure what went on here but I can't figure out why you took the children if you planned on dumping them while you vacationed. It would have been much cheaper and certainly more convenient to have left them at home. We take our kids with us for a FAMILY vacation.

You could have chosen shore tours that were appropriate for the kids rather than being selfish and thinking only of yourselves.

I also am taking your story with a grain of salt. You have only given one side of the story and I'm not sure that you even know what went on with regards to your husband. Perhaps the two of you should talk.

Other than in the introduction to your story, you never mention the 14 other family members that were part of the group. Did they abandon ship?

I'm not sure that anyone can pass judgement on this story with the vague information you have given. If it happened as you state it, I can't believe you are writing this rather than talking to your lawyer.

Something is fishy somewhere!
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