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Default Pooling tips

This was a question raised in the "Tips must be earned!" thread by rootgrl. I've read posts by cruise ship workers that they do pool their tips.

I must admit, it's a nice concept, but I don't understand it either.

Say Joebob works his rear off that cruise and gets a total of $100 tips. Fred lazes around and gets nothing. Joebob and Fred both end up with $50. It doesn't sound fair. It sounds like keeping the peace, but not quite fair.

I guess I could theorize a few reasons, but I'd love to hear from someone who actually knows.

1. Maybe they realize that some crew get lucky enough to work for generous souls, and some are stuck, undeservingly so, with stiffs.

2. Maybe Joebob gets sick or depressed one week and doesn't pull as good of tips, Fred gets sick another week, and it all evens out at the end of the contract?

3. Maybe it's just common courtesy, like tipping itself is?

You'd like to think that the extra tip you give to a really hard worker goes to him or her, but we've been told that it doesn't. I've never worked in a job that handled tips, so please excuse my ignorance. No one ever tipped me at Baskin-Robbins. <g>



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