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Default TIP DILEMMA!!!

Hello everyone! I need some advice. I am a college student going on my second cruise with my husband, and we worked so hard to save up our money for this cruise. Last year we went on our first cruise thinking we wouldn't tip, but we felt so guilty we tipped them the required amount eventhough service was not great. We did not even go in any excursions because our money was limited but yet we tipped $150 out of guilt! I do not mind tipping some, but I believe that $150 for two people is outrageous for 1 week, we won't even buy any shore excursions because they are so expensive. What should we do? Is it ok to tip half of the required amount or to only tip for one person instead of 2 since the room attendant has to do the same work whether is 1 or 2 people? I am not trying to be cheap, I just think the suggested amounts are outrageous. I accept any advice.

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