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Default Re: TIP DILEMMA!!!

Hi Confused,
I think you need to re-think the amounts that are suggested to tip. Keep in mind if the service is excellent many of us add to that amount when we think its earned. If you go out to dinner at any restaurant, don't you add a 15% tip? Considering this is for a whole week, I feel that the amounts are in line, in fact all those service people depend on tips, their regular salary is next to nothing. These people work very hard for their money and I feel they deserve these tips, I've never had a problem with this. Its also pretty much spelled out in the cruise catalogs as to what to tip and who. May-be cruising isn't the right vacation for you and your husband? Although any vacation requires you to tip all kinds of people.

Also tipping the cabin attendant for one isn't fair either, he/she is cleaning up after 2 adults, we've even tipped the regular amount when cruising with our kids, I think they are just as much work for them or more. If there is any problem with some of the service, there are people you can talk to in order to have the situation fixed, but definitely at least tip the suggested amounts.


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