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Default How many people do you actually tip

I am goin to be a 1st time cruiser this June 7th aboard the Celebrity Century. On land I am a very good tipper....tipping over 20% when deserved. However looking through my Guest Documents in the Gratuities section they have 7 different people that we are supposed to tip:

Restaurant Service
Waiter $3.50, per person, per day (no problem)
Waiter Assistant $2.00, per person, per day (no problem)
Restaurant Manager $0.75, per person, per day (do you ever see this person)

Stateroom Service
Stateroom Attendant $3.50, per person, per day (no problem)
Chief Housekeeper $0.50, per person, per day (what does this person do for me)

Tour Director $3.00, per person, per day (who is this, and what does he/she do for me)
Coach Driver $2.50, per person, per day(Is this my transportation to & from the airport?)

Steve T
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