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Default Re: How many people do you actually tip

You have it down for waiter and assistant. The retaurant manager (or MaitreD) is the .75
per day person. I will tip the head waiter or maitre'd if they do anything for me and then in proportion to what they do. I do not tip them just for being there. That's me
Stateroom attendent or steward you also have covered. Chief housekeeper, again if I ask for something out of the ordinary and the chief housekeeper is involved in it I will tip appropriately for the service. Ido not feel any pbligation to tip a "management" employee on an automatic basis.
Should you take a tour or excursion from the ship and let us say you spend a day on a bus touring with a driver and a tour guide. These are the folks listed under cruise tour. You would tip them directly as the tour ends. for a full day Gram and I would give a good tour guide $10.00 and driver $5.00. (proportionately less for a shorter tour.). If you do not go on an excursion or take a different type of excursion, of course you would no incur this expense.
Feel free to have anything clarified if my answer is a muddled as they usually are.
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