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Bruce chafkin
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Default Re: Carnival tipping cont.

Regardless of where you eat or who you tip, a great many other people get some of that money as well. These days, most management people like maitre d's are on salary and receive little or nothing from tip pools.

If you dine in the buffet for example, and want to tip only the staff who helped you, how do you plan to find the guy or girl who cleaned the tables before and after you were there?
How about the staff who set up the buffet?
The people who polished the cutlery?
Those who mopped the floor after closing time?

In the tipping pool with auto-tipping, all these people are taken care of. If you want to do it manually, you could spend your entire vacation chasing them down.
Do you really want to waste your vacation time over a few dollars here or there?
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