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Default RCCL Auto tip?

Hi -
Feeling like a newbie here as we prepare to sail the Rhapsody out of Galveston on 8/17! First time on RCCL, widowed mom of 2. Last summer we were n the Fantasy 4 days - I did auto tip - already in place - then added cash envelopes as I saw fit at the end of the cruise..
Anyway - here are my questions -
Does RCCL auto-tip now or do you request it at embarkation when you do all the docs? Will they be applying same tip rate for each kid the same as adult? I understand that auto tips can be changed or removed at the purser's office. I would not be doing that - but I just spoke w/ my friend who is sailing w/ us - in 2 other cabins - and she was horrified with the idea of adding $XX for the week fi\or each of her kids. She's a first-timer - I am trying to get across the appropriate tipping concepts - but have no control, of course - I am hoping she will WANT to be generous after a few days.
On previous cruises with only my son - at sea since 3 y/o - lucky boy - I think my husband and I tipped full + for each of us, then 1/2 for Evan - tho we generously tipped the Kid's Staff members. As he got older - and now there is the 7 y/o - I would tend to tip more as they are making mess at "full rate"!!!
I have read and reread the boards and I am really such a traditionalist as per tipping - I enjoy chatting with crewmembers and have only once thought someone deserved LESS of a tip for an inadequate job. I don't "get" the non-tippers resentful feelings - but - to each his own -

Thank you! You guys have been helpful in the past and I appreciate input from those more "seasoned" than I.
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