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Default Re: Re: Re: auto-tip on carnival

Will the staff know before hand who is using the auto tipping and who is not. I don't want to appear to be a non tipper on the last night of the cruise by not handing out envelopes.

We went on our very first cruise last year and handed out envelopes on the last night as customary. We gave the recommended amounts but were very generous with a few of the envelopes giving much more than the required amounts because we wanted to reward a few of the people who went above and beyond. We had no idea the tips were pooled until now. So I have a few questions, hopefully someone might be able to answer...

If the tips are pooled, did the people we actually hand the envelopes to get to open them. We had included short thank you notes and special wishes in some of them.

If we auto tip but still hand them something extra on the last night, will they get to keep that tip or is that to be pooled also?

Just wondering for next time.



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