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Default Re: TIP DILEMMA!!!

I'm not trying to be harsh but how can anyone go on vacation with intentions NOT to tip? Like most people, I work very hard, save all I can, and plan my vacations in advance. If I can't do it right - including tipping - then I do not go. Where else can you spend less than $100/day (avg.) + $10/day in tips for lodging, food, service, etc.? I'd like to know.

On the Sovereign last year, the three other couples at our table ditched the last night of dinner. I assume to avoid tipping. I was so angry and embarrassed for our wait staff. I wonder how many of the non-tippers are also the chronic complainers.

No matter how "less than excellent" my service has been on any cruise, it has never been bad enough to warrant not tipping at least the recommended amounts.


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