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Your attitude contributes to the economic exploitation of a third world people. They are paid so little because they are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of negotiating with the foreign cruise lines. CCL,RCL,NCL,HA and all the rest of them pay their help nothing because they can. If you want to subsidize the poor, broke cruise lines go right ahead, that's your right. But don't plead the case for the poor underpaid help. I personally know of an Indonesian Maritime Cooks and Stewards Union that is right now in the process of negotiating much higher wages for the help. The starting minimum pay for a single shift of any crew member will be set at $55.00 American, per day. That will include any and all crew. So there, now you won't have to feel so guilty about the poor underpaid workers. Of course your cruise is going to cost $2000.00 instead of $499 but at least you will feel better.
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