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Well, Frankie and Jax said the right thing, one in a nicer way than the other.

It's true - if you want your trip to be "no tipping", go on the luxury cruises. We add in the cost of the tips when we budget our trips - that's just the way it is. PERIOD. $150 for the week? What this means to all of us fortunate Americans, and what it means to people from third world countries is vastly different. Even here in the States, I now make a point to tip nicely at hotels. I read a newspaper interview with some hotel cleaning ladies, and they also live in a different world. To them, $10 may buy their child new shoes, or get groceries.

I for one sometimes do not appreciate the wonderful life and home that I have. We are not rich either, and we work hard for our money. But the employees hustling on the cruise ships deserve the recommended gratuties (unless something is seriously amiss).

If a cruise line thought that a "no tipping" policy would bring more passengers aboard, they would do it. Look at the "Pride" - I thought that a non-smoking ship was such a fabulous idea, and that all the cruise ships would go that way. Nah... didn't happen.

If tipping really goes against your grain, go on a luxury cruise, go to Europe where gratuties are included, or go to a Club Med type of resort. (Silversea has a bargain rate on icruise right now - lowest catagory is about $2500 per person. But no tipping!) Don't go on a mass market cruise if you do not agree with one of the basic polite and correct things to do on a cruise.

However, when you go on a cruise, have a wonderful time!!
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