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Default Re: RC tips at specialty restaraunts?

Royal Caribbean International encourages the guests to recognize excellence and, for your ease in preparing for the cruise, the following amounts are suggestions only:

Waiter - $3.50 per person per day
Assistant Waiter - $2.00 per person per day
Stateroom Attendant - $3.50 per person per day
Head Waiter/Maitre d'- $.75 per person per day
Other service personnel are at your discretion

Gratuities may be paid by the following ways:
Pre paid by having them added to your reservation by your booking agent
Added to your onboard SeaPass account
Paid in cash at the end of the cruise
Envelopes will be provided in the stateroom on the last night of the cruise for the gratuities.

Note: A 15% gratuity will automatically be added to your bar bill and or wine check when you are served.
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