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Default Re: Re: Protest of Automatic Tips...

According to the people I've talked to, the tips, where they might be pooled amongst those in the service end, they are not shared with the cooks, or dishwashers, or other kitchen staff. The assistant waiters get tips though, $2.00 pp per day. And the extra cash tips from customers stay with the individual.

"But many of them are supporting whole families at home."..............heysailor.

Guess what, I support a whole family at home too. Don't you? My point is they earn the equivalent of U.S. $52K per year when everyone tips according to the suggested amount. And if they are good, they get additional tips from customers and are promoted to larger groups.

I have never tipped below the suggested amount and only once have tipped only that. I believe they do a great job given their grueling schedule and believe they are compensated fairly.

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