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Default Re: We'll never tip again.


With regard to your comment:-

'Regarding tipping in pubs in the UK: Ah, but eventually you have to (at least offer to) buy the barman (or woman) a drink, so it comes out to the same thing, no?'

You do not HAVE to (or even offer) to buy the bar tender a drink. This normally only happens after a while when you have become friends. And even then, the bar tender when bought a drink by you actually takes the drink and does not (normally) pocket the cash. So imo it does not amount to the same thing.

and with regard to your comment:-

'If I were to walk about the U.K. proclaiming the the inadequacies of the British system loudly and at length--or do the same on a U.K.-based Web site--you'd call me an ugly American, wouldn't you? '

I think there's a little bit of temper here. I am not walking about the US complaining about tipping. I am posting on a thread which specifically invites comments on the practice of tipping. Loudly and at length? One posting. Web sites might be based in the UK or the US but they are read by people from all over the world. I do not see that just because a web site is US based that it may not be posted to from another country.

No I would not make an unpleasant personal remark and I'm sorry that you insist that you think I should.

Pete :o)
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