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Default Re: We'll never tip again.

QE2 - World cruise......

Some people on this cruise do not buy anything such as drinks or 'services'. This means that some people are subsidising those who do not spend a reasonable amount. The compulsory gratuity charged by Cunard and various other lines is nearly impossible to get out of. So, if they are charging this anyway - why not just add it on to the cruise fare and have done with it? I would say that adding compulsory gratuities is tantamount to window dressing a product. Would you buy a $299 dollar cruise - 7 days, when it's real price is $100 extra owing to compulsory gratuities? That's a 30% hike in the price and to me (if there was such an international law) it would be had up as being unrepresentative. Like :- You can buy this cookie for $10,000 and you get a free car thrown in, thereby avoiding car sales tax. They clamped down on that one.

Re. When in Rome do as the Romans. I'll remember that on my next world cruise. When in the US area - pay those extra tips, but once we get to other parts of the globe we can stop this practice.

The ONE thing that I find the REAL problem..... is that you pay an EXTRA tip over and above what is recommended - and then you don't get a word of thanks. THAT is what really damages the reputation of tipping. You feel that you might as well have burned the money, or worse still, that the money you have just (literally!!) thrown away is not enough - which leads you to think that it's not worth 'spending' money as it leaves you feeling worse than if you hadn't spent it at all!!!!

I feel that the onus lies with those receiving the extra tips to show gratitude for tips, which will in turn lead to people feeling that they have done the right thing to tip.

I refer to my original post.

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