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Default Re: We'll never tip again.

Which raises an interesting point...........

Tokyo agress that (should she ever find it :o) service above and beyond should be rewarded.

What about if service is below and behind?

I was staying in a 5 star beach front hotel paying over the odds already for service, and when I went to the pool area (attended apparently by bar staff) - the bar staff were more interested in playing 'slap', watching TV, listening to music and chatting to eachother. After five minutes of watching this I approached the bar to place my order. Was I given service? Not as it should have been. I was charged an 18% gratuity. I was then invited to add more to that. Should it be necessary in a 5 star hotel to raise the management's awareness of poor service? Or should staff be on the alert to 'If I am looking after my customers well - they'll tip well'. In their case they knew they were going to get the 18% added gratuity anyway - and that I could do part of their job for them if they waited for me to get fed up waiting.

Which raises the question 'Who was the waiter in this situation?'

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