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Default Re: Would you believe....

I just find it sad that so many cheapskates cruise then come on here and brag about it and complain that tips are actually anticipated by the crew.

I have no problem with people tipping what they feel is fair for the actual degree of service they recieved whether it is more or less than the suggested amounts.
But don't claim that the crew is being PAID to do their job even if no one tips them because that just plain is not true the Tips they recieve ARE their pay so if the passengers choose not to tip them then they are working for free basically.

Those who feel they paid their fare and that was enough are the cheapskates I mentioned. and they are simply sticking their heads in the sand and trying to justify themselves.

I have said all along that they should simply stop calling them tips and charge a service fee. Period.
Then if anyone wishes to tip in addition to that fee fine, but eveyone pays the fee regardless and they can quit griping about Tips.
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