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Default Re: We'll never tip again.

Guess what the ships are not AMERICAN, they are registered under foriegn flags. That is why they do not have to pay minimum wage!!!!! And taxes, well who knows what they pay! They don't pay it to the states !

Canadians also find the Americans tipping a bit out of hand. There are some that actually brag about being " big tippers"!!! UGH!
And since when is 20 % a standard tip, ridiculus, I tip what I want based on service and work invlolved. No I do not tip a waiter at a help your self buffet the same as I tip a waiter at a full service fine dining establishment.

I wish that SOME of the Americans on this board could grasp the fact that the ships are not American, the ports are ( generally) not American and the staff are not American, so therefore the reasoning of " when in Rome " just doesn't make sense.

BTW I believe there were a few other countries involved in fighting during WW2, amazing how SOME of you think you won it single handedly, yes you were the biggest, and may be the strongest, BUT YOU WERE NOT ALONE!!! It was a team effort. Seems to be alot of our boys ended up on a beach somewhere never to come home too!

When you tip for poor service you are doing no one any good. And now all you " I always tip extra up front" types are ruining service for everyone else since staff will become lazy when not tipped extra.
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