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Default Re: We'll never tip again.

Oh my goodness do you believe some of the stuff you say?

The United States got into the war because it was" protecting it's friends" , give me a break , if that was true why didn't they get in SOONER!!!!! SOONER!!!! Didn't they notice it!!
They got in when they realized that an unchecked menace could also affect them!!And believe me the way things were going it was already affecting them financally, Pearl Harbour was the straw that broke the camels back, since they then realized that they were in fact not "safe" and by ignoring any threat to humanity they were only sticking their heads in the sand!Plus they were not exactly enjoying ecnomic prosperity at that time!

I really think this discussion should end, because you obvoiusly live in a different world that I do, and besides I seriously doubt that either of us has spent the real time needed to research the causes and effects of WW2 properly.
I do not think that your country is the greatest place in the world, and (understandbly) you do, I believe MY country is the best( which I doubt you can understand) .

BTW Just out of interest , during your War of Independence against England, did not the French settlers in Canada help you?I may be wrong about that, but I am sure I had read that somewhere?
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