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Default Stop the Insanity!

People, please understand that you can debate the tipping issue until you are blue in the face, but it still is part of a cruise. Tips are tips! If you decide to have them added to your account or simply pay them in cash, it still is the custom. I personally like the feeling of handing the envelope and thanking people, others may not. I tip more to some and less to others baed on the service I recieved.

Recently I was on the NCL Sun, and tried the auto tipping but decided to reduce the amount because with the freestyle cruising we found that the service we recieved was terrible. We paid our cabin Steward the difference in cash becuase he was wonderful. I honestly believe that the freestyle cruising is a good idea for many, but it does take away from the personal service and allows for tipping to become more challanging. I will tip those who give good service and I will also reward those individuals by naming them on the comment cards.
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