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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

"Those waitstaff feel no shame in cheating the government"

Just as you feel no shame in cheating the waitstaff.

Consider for a moment the fact that tipping is a custom in your new country.

Again, my mother came from a country where tipping is unheard of. In fact, it would be considered most unseemly. However, as a gracious person, she adopted American customs.

If one doesn't tip, perhaps one should not dine out, get a hair cut, etc. It's part of the system. Yours is recalcitrant behavior.

I do not feel it's my duty to recompense poorly paid workers. However, I am obliged and honored to pay completely for what I take. This includes a tip.

We of course cannot convince each other...however it's very interesting to see other people's points of view. Your case against tipping is odious and shallow. It's self-serving and inscrutable.

Perhaps, "I am a cheapskate who will use any means to justify my ickiness" Would be more appropriate than using that "foriegner bit" that simply doesn't fly.
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