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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

Your veiled trolling personal attacks show your intelligence level and your lack of knowledge of proper internet discourse. Therefore, further posts from you will be ignored.

The waitstaff know full well they are taking a job where tipping is a gratuity and not mandated. If they want better pay, perhaps they should get a better job.

As far as workers on a ship, they are given free room and board and their base salary alone is a higher monthly wage then some can earn in their own country. I do not feel for them either, they are not forced to take the job.

The practice of tipping is out of control in this country. First it was the waitstaff, next it was the hairdresser, then garbage men, then the housekeeper at a hotel and on and on and on.

And that bull about being away from their country and their family is just that bull. Tell that to a soldier stationed in a combat zone. Maybe you will tip them when you see one.
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