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To TokyoRose,

There but by the grace of God go I.
Yes, by the grace of God I do live in a place of wealth and classes. By your comments I have assumed you and your family do too, now. However, far too many others do not live in a place where there are many different levels of income and class. They were born in a place that there are the ones that have, and those that have nearly nothing. No middle class.
The staff on cruise ships come from all over the world. However, with all the hardships that they endure themselfs to while working on the ship, it's without question the working conditions are better than where they come from. So many are willing to sacrafice so their family at home can live a better life.
Appreciation of their hard work by a few dollars a day is the least another human could do for another.
Have you said to that room attendent that cleaning isn't necessary because you will clean up after yourself? Have you decided to only eat in buffets, because you are serving yourself, getting your own drink, gathering your own silverware? I haven't heard of a fast food joint on a ship yet, where you can pick up your meal in a paperbag!

Have read the current news that a non-removeable service fee has been started on one line, the other lines will not be far behind. This will be fine with me, because if I can't afford to vacation on a cruise with all the expenses, then I'll find an alternative vacations.
Remember that by the wrath of God might go you or I.
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