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Default Re: NCL: auto-tipping with no option to adjust off?

jane marlow,

The writing is on the walls already. I have no doubt that this service charge will be standard practice on all major cruise lines. It's only a matter of time. I don't think you want to stop cruising.

When I stay at land based hotels the bottom line on check out day includes many extra charges. Of course these are not the Motel 6's. Want to park your car, extra. Even if you self park, I've paid up to $15 a day. Of course there wasn't any other option of street parking. Local and State bed taxes, no option of not paying those. A service fee has been explained to me as everything from energy rate fees, to it's just a standard practice with hotels in the area, and it's a business expense.
There cost of running a hotel goes up, such as taxes, insurance, and utilties. They don't want their published per night rate to go up, so they tack on a service charge. The same is apparently going to be applied to the cruise lines.

If people would just open up that moth laden wallets voluntarily and show some appreciation to the staff this wouldn't be heading toward a manditory fee.

Love to cruise, and appreicate being treated so special by the hard working staff.
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