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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

Well sls, I happen to know a few restaurant owners that pay minimum wage to their waiters. Those owners are out there. The ones I know keep their waitstaff for unheard of amounts of time. Those jobs are out there. Want a better job go find it. I work as a mother 24/7 365 days a year with no pay. It is a choice I made. I certainly do not expect to be compensated for my choice.

I also know quite a few employees of the cruiselines. They are guaranteed a base salary plus room & board that is quite higher than you might think. It certainly isn't $50 as bandied about on these boards. Sure there are passengers that leave gratuties which can make their "pay" much higher than their guarantee.

I also know on certain lines you as asked to tip people that you aren't on other lines. For the first time this summer I cruised on Celebrity in CC class after having been in lower cabins and as all suites were sold out. I was asked to pay $.50 more for a CC class cabin which was the same square footage as a 1A. There was nothing extra the steward did in the CC class room that the one in the 1A did the year before. They also ask you to tip the asst. maitre'd whom I never saw except at the last night with his hound out. They also ask you to tip the chief housekeeper whom I never saw at all.

On a cruise I am paying for my meals and accomodations. I do not pay extra to have it cleaned or to have my food served and I never will.
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