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Default Re: what if you just don't tip

I just received my travel documents for Holland's Panama Canal cruise next month. Included was a letter advising "...for your convenience and to enable our crew to receive the recognition we believe they are entitled to, a gratuity of USD$10 per guest, per day, will be automatically posted to your shipboard account.:

It's the next paragraph that concerns me, though. It states: "Good service starts with crewmembers you may never have the opportunity to meet: the baker who works during the night to provide you fresh breads and pastries for breakfast or the housekeeper who keeps our lounges in meticulous condition. They also benefit from the gratuities included with your bill. To ensure the efforts of these crewmembers are also recognized and to discourage solicitation of guests, dining and cabin stewards are required to turn in any tips they receive directly from those guests who have removed or reduced the gratuities on their onboard bills."

So I guess our tips get spread among all employees, presumably to compensate them for Hollands failure to pay reasonable wages.

So be it.

But now I wonder if I'm supposed to tip the cook, baker, janitor and dishwashers at restaurants.
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