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Default Re: 10 Dollars a Day Per Person?

Hi all,

Here is a link to the tipping policy page of carnivals website. (hopefully it works!! )

I am a first time cruiser and when I first read the tipping policy, I was extremely confused!!! I have since read countless posts and I think I understand most of it. I personally paln on leaving the $10 per day on the bill unless I find the service to be sub-par. Athough I have a feeling that I will probably wind up adding a bit to it at the end of the cruise, judging by what others have posted about the high quality of service on most cruises.

Here are 2 things that still have me confused...

As far as the bartenders, I know that a 15% gratuity is automatically added to beverage purchases. But carnivals website also states that you can tip the bartender more at the time of service, if you feel that it is appropriate to the service received. So my question is... Is it acceptable to just leave the tip at the 15% that is added to the bill, or is it more common to give an additional amount of cash??? I don't want to offend him if he is expecting more!

From the Carnival tipping page.....
((Bar Waiters, Deck Stewards and Bell Boys - Certain personnel, as noted above, may be tipped as service is rendered. A 15% gratuity is automatically added to beverage purchases which the guest may adjust appropriate to the service received. ))

Also... I understand that there will be envelopes provided in the diningroom on the last night of the cruise (or maybe all nights?) in which you can place a cash tip for the matre d'... So, question 2 is... Is it considered rude to not tip him??? Not that I am planning NOT to... I just want to know what the acceptable options are.

Another point that I would like to make is that, normally (on land) I probably wind up tipping a bartender more than 15%, because I usually leave $1 tip per drink, which are on average about $5.25 in my area. On the other hand when I stay at a hotel, I usually leave $5.00 a day for house keeping, and that is for my family of 3, NOT per person, or sometimes 4 if my daughter brings a friend along.

OK... Last point...
This is for all of the people who are throwing around the word cheapskate, among others.

It just so happens that in my stateroom there will be myself and 3 teenaged girls... Believe me.... I have never minded tipping more than the expected amount for good service, and will more than likely do so on this cruise... BUT 2 of these teens in my cabin are paying for this trip with thier own money, they have NO savings and are making weekly payments until the cruise is paid for.... and they still have to save up whatever spending / excursion money they will need to bring. My point being that not everyone on these cruises has lots of cash to throw around, and in fact some people don't have dime to spare.

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