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Default Re: NCL: auto-tipping with no option to adjust off?

Chep , You need to read bickers post carfully.. I know you removed your auto tips.. It's 2005 is when you will not be able to remove them.. Also read bickers NCL words, you will not have to tip extra. Just pay the $10 per person, don't remove it, enjoy your trip and move on. If you receive bad service you can complain, but you will not get your money back.. They want that money.. They need that money.. Also to John Tee: You do not have to tip on top of the $10 service charge.. Don't tell people that, it' not correct.. Pay the $10 with good or bad service, because that's what you will have to do on all of the cruise lines in the next year or so and have a nice trip,, OM
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