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Default Re: How much for suitcase handlers?

Remarkably, the recommended tip for baggage handling is still a mere $1-$2 per bag. I typically split the difference and round-up to the nearest dollar, carrying $1, $2 and $5 notes sufficient for the amount of luggage I have.

One thing that struck me as strange was how my bags were taken from the airport to just outside my room, without a context to tip anyone. I was very puzzled about that, having had gone out of my way to fold up appropriate tips for the two "handlings" I was anticipating (one to the porter who got me my bags off the shuttle bus, and one to the longshoreman who took my bags so that they could make it onto the ship), but, rather, what I found was that I was asked to pu my luggage in a section of the bus pickup area myself, and then I didn't see them again until they were in the ship.

Leaving the ship was a bit more what I expected. The bus driver who took us back to the airport got a tip for handling my luggage there.

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