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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

I have to say this has been so amusing - Tokyo shows no respect. My daughter and I both ex-waitresses tip 20% for service all the time and we laugh we actually give extra on holidays. My daughter waitressed to put herself through college. She now works on Madison Ave in NYC in advertising and I waitressed as a second job to help put her there. I can remember her coming home in tears - her apron filthy from working hard and saying someone came in and spent $200 and left her a $2 tip. My really good story is busting my butt and the customer leaving me a religious card. We have the utmost respect for any service providers that are not paid minimum wage. Remember these people don't get paid benefits, paid vacations or holidays. And your right Rose probably is a pain to wait on and her cabin is probably a mess and her children disrespectful. Respect begins at home and I don't think there is any in that house.

Cruisin in 25 days Coral Princess to Panama Canal - my daughter is taking me to pay me back for all the help getting her through college. PS she is only 27
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