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Default Re: Are tips divided?

You know, I don't think the above is correct.. When I have talked about this to staff members I was told that all tips are pooled. A poor worker gets the same as a good worker.. The good workers don't like it, but that's the way it is.. The ships do it this way in order to keep "in fighting" down and a since of fairness.. Maybe yes and maybe no.. So if you give your waiter extra cash he/she has to turn it in to the pool..So just know that.. The extra cash that you give goes to the pool.. Even if you give them the cash or a tip in secret, they might take it and quickly put it in to their pocket, but they will turn it in to the pool.... If they are caught not turning it in, that is against ship policy, and they could lose their job.. So they don't risk keeping the money....I would advise just using the "auto tip" system with your ships sea card and don't worry who gets what... I know there is some pride in handing out the envelopes, but those days are fast coming to an end when auto tipping will be mandatory.. They have a system that works for them.. Enjoy your trip.. If you get good service then that's great.. OM
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