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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

Actually Jim,

I was disagreeing with the initial poster of ths thread. Actually their base salary which includes guarantee as was stated in the 1988 lawsuit against RCCL was around $788 a month. And this is in 1988. It is quite a fortune for someone whose standard of living in their country is quite different than that in america. Even a guarantee of that amount in American dollars is worth quite a bit more in their home country. They also do not have to pay room and board while aboard ship.

I know some members of the military who do not make much more than this a month and they certainly are away from their families for quite a bit of time and they certainly are not given tips. Also according to several employees, there are about 18-20% who do not tip. I am proudly one of those people. Tipping is way out of hand in this country anyway. I certainly do not tip a housekeeper at a hotel on land, and I certainly am not going to on a ship. Same goes for someone who works in a restaurant.
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