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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

Oh TR, how can you say that 50 plus room and board is a decent wage by comparing it to the wage earned by a policeman in Iraqi.

Please give your children a piece of bread and perhaps some wild greens for breakfast today, then for lunch, 1/2 a cup of rice and one chicken leg, then finish their day by giving them 1/2 cup of lentils for dinner. THAT IS ALL. Now , you do realize that the amount of food listed is more then many get on any given day in many countries of the world. SO, your child is very lucky to get that , aren' t they, and they don't really need more do they?

Totally ridiculas isn't it , to compare ?

How can you compare a policemans wage in a war torn country to your dining room waiter on a luxury cruise. Weird.
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