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Default Re: Are tips divided?

As a former golf pro on the ships and many of them I can tell you first hand about tipping. Before each cruise line implemented tipping out of your account and charged you for it, you would of got better service. The reason why cruise lines have implemented "Pre-Tipping" and market it as a convenience to guests is simply due to one reason. MONEY.. It is a way for them to pay their staff less money and many staff lose out, espeically ones from Asia and South America who do the bar/waiter/cleaning positions. In the western world, the wages that are paid to these staff are absurd but they earn more money than what they could at home. It is the "legal" way of cheap labor for cruise lines. They have staff trapped. They offer them work as they know they are giving them more money than what they can earn at home but they are still ripping them off. It is a very sad state of affairs indeed. Tipping is an American thing and to me is a bad thing. I am from Australia and live and work here now and in Asia and will never return and the only reason is that I find it totally unacceptable for the American way, money fuelled passions, uneducated people, rude people, self centered people, that America is the only country in the world... So back to tipping? It is what we call crap back here...
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