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Default Re: what if you just don't tip

To All of You and Tokyo Rose Especially,

I really appreciated Tokyo Rose's comments. I do live very close to the Canadian border and do know that many of our friends to the North do not tip the "required" 15% as an average. I have heard how they are referred to as being cheap also. And yet, why are the rest of you such slaves to the tipping for less than very good service. I do tip at restaurants....not at McDonalds or Burger King...and yet they come out sometimes and wipe the tables. I do not tip in hotels. I expect the room to be made up as part of the cost of the room. I also expect that the room will be made up on the ship. If they go the extra distance with room "towel art" or other ways to do more, then that is recognized by me with a tip. But, to assume that I have to tip the maitre d' when he never bothered to come by the table until the last meal before the tip meal and stayed for 20 seconds is insane. I think that tipping in the U.S. has gotten way outta hand. I can only protest the way ships are claiming a lower price and then tacking on "extras" in the form of "high pressure" tipping is crazy.
I know it is a losing battle, but I will still reward good service with up to 20% and bd service with 0% and will not use 15% as my standard. I have watched through the many years as 10% became 15% and I am now seeing 20% published as a norm. That way the companies can pay less and also affer lower benefits because of the lower salaries to their employees. I think the whole practice stinks!!!
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