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Default Re: Stop the Insanity! nd Tokyo Rose

Personally I don't think the idea of tacking on the service sharge and removing tipping is a bad thing. First, for all of you concerned, this would (hopefully) have everyone paying the same amount for the service. No staff would get stiffed. Second, No one would get a free ride as many are doing if you accept TR's assertion that about 20% don't tip now. I personally believe it is lower but, would accept that many don't tip now for many different reasons. Third, the true cost which is significantly higher than a few dollars would have to be disclosed up front giving the true cost of the cruise. Fourth, the person working on the ship would get more money than they get now. If all of us ARE paying the "true" costs now, then the rise in price is offset by the non payment of tipping. Thus a non-event! So....bring on the mandatory service charge and get away from tipping where so many are displeased anyway. If you are already won't matter!!!
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