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Default Re: what if you just don't tip

A funny story I can relate now that the customers have passed on.

We had an elderly couple who came in weekly for years. They loved the soup and would have a bowl each and then the two would split a shrimp dinner. He was a retired dentist and she came from wealth herself.

I was visiting with them one time at their table and noticed they had finished eating so I attempted to remove her plate. Well, before I could grab the plate she slapped at my hand and told me to leave it. Hmmmmm, I couldn't figure out why but I continued to talk with them for a few minutes and then returned back into the kitchen.

After they had left I related my experience to the server and she told me that it was the Dr.'s protocol to leave $1 tip. In his mind that was standard (I guess it goes back to the 30's). But she, on the other hand, always left $3 under her plate for the server, not wanting her husband to know. When I was about to take her plate earlier I was going to expose her deception.

They were a lovely couple. He was in poor health the last few years and she was still sprite. However, she had a stroke and died within 5 weeks of it and then he died with 2 months of losing her, from a broken heart.

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