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Default Re: New to Cruising worried about tipping

Both of the above posts are correct.. Just follow their words.. The easy way is to put the amount ($10 per day per person) on your "sign and sail" card.. That way you can forget about it and enjoy your trip. ..Your cruise is for four nights, so your tip amount would be $40 a person for the trip..Forget about the 5 day thing.. That just cruise ship talk so that it sounds like your getting more for your dollar.. It's a four night and a four day cruise.. Just $40 per person.. ($80 per couple) .. Will the crew know that you have tiped with the "sign and sail" card?? You bet they will know.. The front office will tell them.. Belive me, there are no secrets. They all KNOW.. Use the card and have a nice rip..OM
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