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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

Laurie what an appalling post.
TR is Amercian, so what is your rant about her " homeland" ? Are you racist? Bigoted? Xeniphobic( look it up )
Don't tell people to shut up, it is rude and immature.

We may not agree with TR but I am really surprised at how you Americans treat each other. Disgraceful.
Tr does not tip, she does not believe in it, don't act like she is taking food from your baby. Most cruisers do tip. Relax. The cruise line employees will not die of starvavtion because a small percentage of cruisers do not tip, or tip lower then recommended amounts.

I don't agree with TR, but I certainly DO NOT understand some of the OPEN HOSTILITY that is on this board.

I though Americans were big on " freedom of speech" I wonder if it only counts when you agree with someone.?
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