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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

Perhaps not born in America, but obviously lives there now, and is most likely a citizen, so , she is all yours now.

When someone is born somewhere else, but then becomes American, I think it is rude to throw in the " go back to your homeland" jab. Most of us can trace our lineage back to another country, unless of course you are a First Nations person( new polictcally correct term up here for native indian) .

Still telling someone to shut up is just not nice " board behaviour" , I imagine the anoy. quality of the internet lets some of us let our hair down more then we should( or would ) if dealing with a person face to face.

Let's just agree to disagree, and stop trying to convert, we can educate, but we can't force our opions on others by name calling.

Is that a fair enough statement.

And BTW Laurie, you are most likely a nice person in " real life" , and just get " hot under the collar" when you think of others ( the workers) getting mistreated. I agree with you, but there are SOME cruiseres who DO tip, but treat the staff like stupid slaves. So not tipping is not the only way to treat people badly.I hope and believe that such people are in the minority, as I like to think most of us are " nice folks" !
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