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Default Re: tipping on princess cruises

Cherie, we camp and cruise. You can do both. Both are fun( well actually cruising is funner )
As for this baloney that some people put out about cruising on a budget, it is 20 bucks a day( fpr two persons in a cabin) times 7 days( average cruise length) that is 140 dollars.

ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS, some of you "budget cruisers" probaly spend that much on coffee breaks for a month, or the lovely new dress you bought for the cruise. Or may be the two or three bathing suits you bought.

If you choose not to tip, fine, but tell it for what it is , choosing not to tip, not because you can't ( because you are on a budget and poor) but because you don't want to. Your're cheap, and you would rather spend more money on drinks around the pool .

And yes, we can only cruise every four or five years, but trust me , an extra 140 doesn't kill us! PLUS we have to tip in AMERICAN dollars so that 140 that some of you whine about is actually more to us( Canadians) which by the way , means you UK cruisers have an advantage over us and the Americans as your pound is stronger.
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