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Default Re: tipping on princess cruises

Yes, I understand all this but for some........... OMG a CRUISE, something they have dreamed of their whole life......... Cruising can be very expensive. I think some people deserve a break. Not the ones that don't tip cause they are just to cheap to do so, the ones that want this one cruise before they die & are doing the best they can with what they have. My brother talked of taking a cruise, well he died at 50 yrs old of cancer, he will never have his cruise. Some people deserve a break. We have been there, busted our butts to just make ends meet day to day. If a person doesn't have alot but would love to take a short cruise to a world they may never get to enjoy again, let them do so. Hell I wish I could pay their 10 bucks for them. I am not Mrs Doctor with nothing better to do with my money than to take cruises, I am the average Joe. No, I am not going to run up 10 charge cards to take a cruise & most 'average joes' can't afford to pay those bills each month. Instead of people on here calling others cheap a_____ & telling them to stay home or go camping is horrible for not being able to hand out BIG tips like you all have done on your 30 cruises, let them enjoy the only cruise they may ever have. The cruise lines can afford to pay their employees better. With the price of a cruise an they won't even give you a free soda?? sighhhh I am just saying some on here need to chill an come down off of their pedestal they have put themselves on.
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