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Default Re: 10 Dollars a Day Per Person?

Why oh earth did you give your steward another big tip if you already seemed to feel resentful of the tips that were deducted? HUH? I don't give extra, but then we aren't made of money either.

As for Princess taking advantage of you, how silly, any grown up knows that you shop around for the best price, didn't your travel agent suggest that? Or may be it was your Travel agent that took advantage of you. Or perhaps you didn't surf the net for the best price, if so, you can only blame yourself.

I never said anything about not believing you, what is that about?
The fact of the matter is that tips are 10 dollars a day per person. The only other addition is drinks( they add 15%) and room service ( you give a buck or two) .

The amount we are talking about is not that much, 70 dollars a week for one person, I bet your bar bill was higher then that!

You really seem to have a negative additude towards cruising, and any advise or opinions that don't suit you( what you said to another poster) , didn't you have a good time? If you did have a good time wasn't it worth it? If you didn't have a good time I 'm sorry for you, I love cruising and it is one of the truly relaxing things that I can think of doing.
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