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Default Re: tipping on princess cruises

Cherie I am sorry about your brother, but remember his situation was different then others.It is very hard to lose a loved one.

There is something about choices we make in life. I learned this when I was 23. My friend and I saved and did a huge 3 month trip to Europe and Greece. Everyone who heard about our trip said" oh you are so lucky" or " wow I wish I could do that".''Well guess what they could have if they wanted to.

I owned no car( bus or walked) to save money for trip.
I had no tv or decent furniture, just dump stuff, had to save money for trip.
I asked my mom to let me move back home for a few months to save rent, to save money for trip( this was difficult believe me)
I worked at a low paying job, barely above mimum wage, but I saved every penny.l took my lunch from home. I bought my clothes at thrift shops .
I saved enough dough for a trip of a lifetime, no one paid my way!

I wasn't lucky I planned it that way.
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