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Default Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant

Ok I am new to this whole cruising thing, my husband and I are booked on our first cruise next month and I will tip the recommended amount or more (definetly not less) but when it comes to a resturant NO way am I going to tip hefty if the service bites. My family has owned resturants for years and tips are given as a way to thank your server for service you feel is good not because someone says you have to..My husband and I took 2 of our children out to dinner just the other night and the service was horrendous First the resturant only had a few people in but it took the waitress over 15 minutes to take our drink order and another 10 to come back to take our food order and we still didn't have our drinks. Then she brought out our 2 kids meals...while the 2 other families that came in behind us and were helped after us ate my husband and I watched our children eat...Finally my husband got his meal and I was still waiting...12 minutes later my meal arrived looking very unappetizing I might add (I have never seen lasagna look so much like my dogs canned food) Well needless to say the waitress got no tip from me but after I talked to her manager hopefully she got a few "tips" from him on how to treat customers.
So yes if I don't feel the service at a resturant warrants the recommended tip I would definetly adjust it and let the manager know why!! Granted I don't think I would take a large group to a resturant I had never tried before (like the one we were at the other night) for fear the service would bite I would definetly go somewhere that I believe has great service and therefore the tip would be a nonissue.

Frankly I think the people that will go ahead and tip 15-20% regardless of how there service was are the people that allow resturants to treat customers poorly. Wait staff are then under the assumption that they can get away with it and still get a decent tip.
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