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Default Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant

Sorry to say, I have to agree with you, Don. Many of the posts on this board and on others that I have read seem to be rationalizations for people to justify avoiding paying for goods and services on board the ship. Between adjustments to tipping, smuggling liquor on board, etc., really seems that people nickel and dime to a great extent.

I don't believe in tipping for poor service, but I don't look for ways to avoid paying a grauity where it is clear to all that the gratuity is a large part of the employees compensation.

The cruise line does not make money on tips.

I know, people will say it is not the money, it is the principle. Others will say the money they save on tips, or on liquor they bring on board, they use for shore excursions or something else, but I think, if you are going to sail on the vessel, you should abide by the rules and customs of the vessel.

Same with formal night - they have it for a reason and people should respect that, or choose ships that don't have it.

Sorry I got off point here, but all of these issues are related, I believe.

Anyway, have fun on your cruise.
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